Moonlight Fusion Massages

Treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating massage at Moonlight Fusion Spa. For a limited time, Book us on BookAnyone at discounted prices starting at $39+/Hr

Our Massages

  1. Moonlight combination massage $54/h

    Thai massage combined with deep tissue and soft Swedish strokes according to client Needs

  2. Pregnancy $54/h

    An ideal way to reduce fatigue, improve circulation and muscle tone, increase energy, and Reduce the muscle pain and joint stiffness that often accompany the changes occurring in the body during this amazing time.

  3. Sport massage or deep tissue $64/h

    While sports massage is designed to prepare athletes for an upcoming event. Utilizing special manipulation to increase blood circulation to the muscles. it can reduce the impact of injuries, stiffness,Inflammation and fatigue. Deep tissue massage while similar in aproach focusses more on healing pain by addressing the underlying cause of pain namely nerves.

  4. Thai Herbal Compress Massage $75/h

    Thai massage that using warm Thai Herb to relax and reduce the muscle pain.

  5. Scalp $1/minute

    Great for tension and stress reduction and to take away the headaches.

  6. Reflexology $35/ 30 minutes ( included feet soaking )

    • Add in $1/ minute
    • Scrub Hand $15, Feet $20 ( both $30)
    • Mask Hand $20, Feet $25 (both $40)
    • Paraffin Hand $15, Feet $20 ( both $30)

    For increase circulation and lymph flow ,relieving stress and promoting relaxation through manipulation of specific points along the feet and hands and make the skin looks healthier.

  7. Chair Massage $1/minute

    Brief, effective relaxation and stress reduction for clients whose time is limited. Massage of the shoulders, back and the head

  8. Aromatherapy or Stones massage $75

    A unique sensory experience that relaxing in a soothing candlelit environment with warm footbath, essential oil massage, heated stones wrap by the warm towels.

  9. Stones massage $75/h

    A distinctive type of massage that uses warm stones combined with essential oils to sooth the skin and relax the muscles, surrounded by a candlelit, aroma-filled, steam room environment.